Volunteer Opportunities



A frequently asked question is, “How can I help?” Below is a description of the different Utah Symphony Guild committees. Many have contact information for the committee chair. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email the committee chair. Where no contact is listed, please contact Donna Smith (dlsmithdonnasmith@yahoo.com).


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - Marlene Dazley (redtrain42@gmail.com)


The purpose of the Membership Committee is to plan an event each fall to introduce interested persons to the Utah Symphony Guild. Member of the committee plan and host the affair. Meeting new Guild members is a rewarding experience. Another facet of the Membership Committee is serving on the committee charged with producing the annual Membership Directory. Serving on this committee requires individuals who are detail-oriented and willing to solicit businesses for advertisements.


SYMPHONY GUILD GIFT SHOP - Carol Radinger (carol@oxfordshop.biz)


The Gift Shop is “open for business” at every Symphony concert in Abravanel Hall or at Deer Valley. All profits from the Gift Shop support the Utah Symphony. Guild members are invited to serve in the Gift Shop. Volunteers will receive a voucher for the evening’s concert when they serve or for another concert of their choice. Meeting the many patrons who attend various concerts is always rewarding.


DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Maybell McCann (maybellmccann@mac.com)


This Committee focuses on raising funds for the Guilds annual donation to the Utah Symphony. This year we will be sponsoring four events. We need volunteers who enjoy using their creativity to plan and host events.




Members of the Publicity Committee are responsible for publicizing Guild activities by contacting newspapers, television, radio stations, and other appropriate media. Do you enjoy journalism and public affairs? Join this committee.


YOUTH GUILD COMMITTEE - Heather Benson (mintbluetap@gmail.com)


The Youth Guild Committee is dedicated to the encouragement and support of young musicians. This committee helps plan and supervise Youth Guild activities. Working with this talented group of young people is very fulfilling.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE - Reva Anderson (lishdish41@gmail.com)

The Social Committee is charged with planning the Guild luncheons. Volunteers select the theme, site, decorations, and invitations for each event. Serving on this committee is a great way to meet Guild members.


FINISHING TOUCHES CONCERT COMMITTEE At designated times throughout the Symphony season, morning rehearsals are open to the public. Volunteers who serve on this committee will serve refreshments to the attending patrons. You will also have the opportunity to attend the rehearsal. This is a fun meet and greet activity.


HOSTING COMMITTEE If you enjoy interacting with people, you will enjoy serving on the Hosting Committee. Members of this committee meet and greet the Guild member at each luncheon and at other Guild-sponsored events. This is a great way to become acquainted with a variety of people. Hosts are also needed to greet Symphony patrons attending the evening concerts at Abravanel Hall. A free ticket accompanies this volunteer service!


SYMPHONY GUILD SPECIAL EVENT COMMITTEE Each year the Guild sponsors a large fundraising event. Many volunteers e needed to plan, decorate, and carry out various assignments in partnership with the Utah Symphony. This grand event is always fulfilling and exciting—a never to be forgotten activity.


OUTREACH COMMITTEE - Scot Barraclough (barraclough1953@msn.com)


This season begins on the Wednesday after Labor Day. NO MUSICAL TALENT NEEDED! This is such an easy, yet rewarding volunteer position. The hours are 3:15-5:30 pm, Monday and Wednesday afternoons. A volunteer sets up 6-8 chairs and music stands for the children, retrieves the violins from the locked cupboards, and then sits with them to aid the teacher. Following the lessons, the volunteer also puts everything away. Each lesson is 30 minutes long; the first begins at 3:30 pm. The volunteer receives one symphony voucher for each day you volunteer. If this interests you or you need more information, please email Doyle at dcsunset13@yahoo or call/text 801-403-9382. The frequency of your commitment is up to you. Once a month, weekly, or whatever will work for you.


FIFTH GRADE DOCENT PROGRAM - Scot Barraclough (barraclough1953@msn.com


The Fifth Grade Docent Program provides an opportunity for Guild members to visit 5th-grade classrooms and to make a presentation designed to prepare the children prior to the annual Utah Symphony student concert at Abravanel Hall. The presentations are scheduled during March and April. Each docent will make a presentation at three different schools. All teaching material is provided as well as a teacher preparation class prior to the classroom presentations. Do you enjoy teaching in a classroom setting? Are you a former teacher? Join the Fifth Grade Docent Program.


UTAH SYMPHONY VOLUNTEER NETWORK - Melissa Robison (mrobison@usuo.org)


This Volunteer Network provides community volunteer opportunities. Although not a Guild sponsored committee, it provides a variety of services for the Utah Symphony throughout the year. If you choose to participate, you will be invited to serve as needed.