Policies & ByLaws


1.  The  President  and/or  Executive  Vice  President  may  attend  the  annual  meetings  of  one  national symphony  orchestra  support  organization;  e.g.  League  of  American  Orchestras  (LAO)  or  Association  of Major Symphony Orchestra Volunteers (AMSOV), at the expense of the Guild.

2.  Attendance  at  regional  meetings  of  such  support  organizations  is  encouraged,  but  shall  not  take  place at Guild expense.

3.  Only  the  President  and  Executive  Vice  President  may  have  their  memberships  in  AMSOV  paid  by  the Guild.

4. The Guild is not incorporated separately from The US|UO, even though we have our own by- laws and bank  accounts.  All  Guild  bank  accounts  carry  the  same  Federal  Tax  ID  number  and  we  use  the  same State  Sales  Tax  Exemption  Number  as  the  Orchestra,  and  the  Symphony  Director  of  Finance  files  all  tax reports.  The  Symphony  Office  also  carries  bonding  insurance  covering  the  Guild.  Therefore,  at  the request  of  the  Office,  it  is  the  policy  that  the  Guild’s  books  be  closed  each  year  on  August  31  to  coincide with the fiscal year of the Orchestra.

5.  The  Guild  has  a  yearly  donation,  which  is  set  each  year  by  agreement  between  the  Office  and  Guild leadership.  This  monetary  contribution  is  applied  to  the  Utah  Symphony  Guild  Orchestra’s  Annual Fund  as  par  t  of  its  operating  budget.  Any  other  type  of  donation  from  the  Guild  should  be  considered only  if  the  goal  has  been  met.  Just  prior  to  August  31  of  each  year,  the  President  should  meet  with  the Treasurer  and  Gift  Shop  Coordinator  to  determine  if  additional  funds  from  these  accounts  should  be donated  to  the  Orchestra,  while  ensuring  that  each  account  has  sufficient  funds  left  to  meet  up-coming needs.

6.  Corporations  and  businesses  shall  be  cleared  with  the  Development  Office  of  The  Utah  Symphony before  being  approached  with  requests  for  donations  to  the  Guild.  Honorary  Guild  Members  shall  be: Music   Director   Laureate   and   Spouse   Principal   Conductor   and   Spouse   Principal   Pops   conductor Associate Conductor and Spouse

7.  Gratitude  for  Services:The  President  and  Orchestra  Liaison  will  establish  a  fair  arrangement  when  a service   is   performed   by   a   member   of   The   Utah   Symphony.   Persons   outside   the   US|UO   will   be compensated per contract.

8.  Staff  and  Orchestra  members  and  partner  admission  fees:For  fund  raising  events,  such  as  the  annual Symphony  Event  or  benefit  recitals,  Staff  and  Orchestra  members  and  their  partners  may  be  admitted  at a  special  at-cost  fee,  which  will  vary.  For  regular  events  such  as  luncheon  meetings  and  the  annual  Guild Membership Event, the announced price of admission will apply to everyone.

9.  The  Corresponding  Secretary,  as  directed  by  the  President,  will  recognize  illness  and  death  of  Board members  and  their  families.  A  voluntary  contribution  by  those  consenting  and  present  may  be  collected for the Utah Symphony Guild Memorial. Death of a Past President will come from the Guild budget.

10. The Telephone Committee is in place to facilitate communications with the general membership.

11.   No   monetary   contributions   shall   be   made   to   organizations   other   than   The   Utah   Symphony. Exceptions   may   include   membership   fees   to   support   organizations   (e.g.,   LAO,   AMSOV,   Salt   Lake Council  of  Women,  and  Women’s  State  Legislative  Council)  and  must  be  approved  by  the  Executive Board.

12.  Robert’s  Rules  of  Order,  Revised  shall  be  the  parliamentarian  authority  governing  all  meetings  of  the Guild.


Revised: June 29, 1998

Revised: March 15, 2001

Revised: October 11, 2001

Revised: October 29, 2008

Revised: August 4, 2010


By-Laws of the Utah Symphony Guild


Article I - Name


This organization shall be known as The Utah Symphony Guild.


Article II - Purpose


Because  we  believe  that  great  music  can  elevate  the  human  spirit,  the  purpose  of  the  Guild  is  to  foster, promote,  and  facilitate  the  operation  of  Utah  Symphony  financially,  socially,  and  educationally.  The Utah   Symphony   Guild   shall   be   an   unincorporated   nonprofit   organization,   operating   under   the ultimate  control  and  direction  of  the  Utah  Symphony  |  Utah  Opera  (USUO)  Board  of  Trustees,  in accordance with the Amended and Restated By-laws of USUO.


Article III - Officers and Board


Executive Committee


The  Executive  Committee  of  the  Guild  shall  consist  of  its  Officers,  namely  its  President  and  six  (6) Vice  Presidents,  one  of  whom  shall  be  the  Executive  Vice  President  /  President  Elect,  the  others  being a  Membership  Vice  President,  a  Social  Vice  President,  a  Development  Vice  President,  an  Education Vice  President,  and  a  Youth  Guild  Vice  President.  In  addition  to  these  Officers,  the  Committee  shall also  include  a  Recording  Secretary,  a  Corresponding  Secretary,  a  Treasurer,  a  Publicity  Director,  a Parliamentarian,  and  the  Immediate  Past-President.  The  Staff  Liaison  shall  be  an  Associate  Member of  this  Committee.  Other  persons  with  special  responsibilities  may  be  associated  with  this  Committee pending Committee approval. Associate Members have no voting rights.


Governing Board


In   addition   to   the   members   of   the   Executive   Committee,   the   Board   may   include   an   Assistant Treasurer,   an   Assistant   Recording  Secretary,   and   an   Assistant   Corresponding   Secretary.   The Historian  and  Orchestra  Liaison  shall  also  be  members  of  this  Board,  as  shall  Chairs  of  committees appointed by the President or the Vice Presidents to accomplish special tasks.


Article IV - Duties and Eligibilities of Officers and Board Members


Executive Committee


The  duties  of  the  Executive  Committee  shall  be  to  meet  on  call  by  the  President  to  carry  out  the  duties designated  in  these  by-laws  and  to  set  general  policies  for  the  operation  of  the  Utah  Symphony  Guild. At  the  second  meeting  of  a  new  administrative  year,  this  Committee  shall  adopt  a  budget  for  the  new year.    Further,    each    Executive    Committee    member    shall    maintain    records    of    activities    and recommendations  of  their  committees  to  aid  their  successors,  and  shall  submit  a  written  report  to  the President  prior  to  the  closing  meeting  of  the  Guild.  One  copy  of  each  report  shall  be  placed  in  the Guild’s permanent file.


Governing Board


The  duties  of  the  Governing  Board  will  be  to  meet,  on  call  by  the  President,  at  least  four  (4)  times  per year  to  approve  general  policies  for  the  Utah  Symphony  Guild  and  the  activities  thereof.  Membership in the Guild is required of anyone holding office in the Guild.




The  duties  of  the  President  shall  be  to  preside  at  all  meetings  of  the  Guild,  its  Governing  Board  and  its Executive  Committee,  to  have  general  supervision  of  the  direction  and  business  of  the  Guild,  and  to appoint  such  ad  hoc  committees  as  shall  be  deemed  necessary.  The  President  is  also  responsible  for the  organization’s  Newsletter,  Website,  Data  Base  Specialist,  Publicity,  Historian,  Member  of  Note, and  Orchestra  Liaison.  The  President  is  an  ex  officio  member  of  the  USUO  Board  with  specific responsibility  to  coordinate  the  activities  of  the  Guild  with  those  of  the  USUO  Board.    At  the  end  of the  President’s  term  in  office,  the  President  serves  one  year  as  Immediate  Past  President  on  the  Guild Executive Committee.  The President shall have signature rights on the general Guild Bank Account


Immediate Past President

The   Immediate   Past   President   serves   the   Executive   Committee   and   the   Governing   Board   in   an advisory  capacity.  In  addition,  it  is  the  duty  of  the  Immediate  Past  President  to  assemble  and  chair  a Nominating  Committee,  whose  composition  is  subject  to  approval  by  the  Executive  Committee,  and  to ensure  that  a  slate  of  candidates  can  be  presented  to  the  Executive  Committee  at  its  March  meeting. Traditionally,  the  Immediate  Past  President  has  also  been  responsible  for  planning  a  spring  Orchestra Appreciation luncheon.


Vice Presidents


There  shall  be    six  (6)  Vice  Presidents  as  follows:  Executive,  Membership,  Social,  Development, Education,  and  Youth  Guild.  Each  Vice  President  may  appoint  such  committees  and  committee  chairs as  are  deemed  necessary  to  carry  on  those  activities  of  the  Guild  for  which  each  is  responsible.  These appointments are subject to approval by the President and the Executive Committee.


Executive Vice President / President Elect


The  duties  of  the  Executive  Vice  President  shall  be  to  assist  the  President  in  all  matters  pertaining  to the  function  of  the  Guild,  and  to  preside  at  all  meetings  in  the  absence  of  the  President  including USUO  Board  meetings  the  President  is  unable  to  attend  as  an  ex  officio  member.  In  order  to  be eligible  to  hold  this  office,  the  Executive  Vice  President  shall  have  served  for  at  least  two  (2)  years  as  a member of the Guild Executive Committee.


The  Executive  Vice  President  shall  also  be  responsible  for  overall  guidance  and  supervision  of  the Symphony  Guild  Gift  Shop,  ensuring  that  the  Gift  Shop  is  adequately  staffed  and  managed  efficiently so   as   to   maximize   profits   for   the   support   of   Utah   Symphony.   The   Symphony   Guild   Gift   Shop Coordinators  shall  be  appointed  by  and  serve  under  the  Executive  Vice  President.  The  Coordinators must  hold  membership  in  the  Guild.  The  Coordinators  duties  shall  include  sign-up  and  training  of volunteers,  control  of  inventory,  and  preparation  of  a  monthly  financial  statement  for  the  Executive Vice   President.   The   Executive   Vice   President   will   then   provide   the   financial   statement   to   the Executive   Committee.   The   Executive   Vice   President   will   be   responsible   to   provide   the   financial records to the Chief Financial Officer of USUO for an audit at the end of each fiscal year, August 31.


In  addition,  the  Executive  Vice  President  shall  work  with  the  Membership  Vice  President  to  contact all  new  Guild  members  to  welcome  them  to  the  Guild  and  acquaint  them  with  the  Guild’s  committees. The   Executive   Vice   President   shall   also   give   Committee   Chairs   those   names   of   new   members interested in being involved in each Committee.


Membership Vice President


The  duties  of  the  Membership  Vice  President  shall  be  to  have  general  supervision  over  Membership committees   which   include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   the   following:   the   annual   Membership   Event, Mailings,  and  Directory.  The  Membership  Vice  President  shall  work  closely  with  the  Executive  Vice President to inform new members of the Guild’s committees and encourage their participation.


Social Vice President


The  duties  of  the  Social  Vice  President  shall  be  to  have  general  supervision  over  committees  which include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   the   following:   Finishing   Touches,   Luncheons   and   Symposia, Hostesses, Table Decorations, Invitations and Printed Programs.


Development Vice President


The  duties  of  the  Development  Vice  President  shall  be  to  have  general  supervision  of  all  fund-raisers   as  decided  by  the  President  and  the  Executive  Committee.  The  Development  Vice  President  may appoint a chair or co-chair to serve on each fund-raising committee.The  Development  Vice  President  shall  meet  annually  with  the  incoming  President,  Executive  Vice President,   Treasurer   and   Staff   Liaison   to   set   goals   for   each   fund-raiser.   The   Development   Vice President  will  provide  a  report  to  the  Executive  Board  following  each  fund-raiser.  At  the  conclusion  of the   year,   the   Development   Vice   President   shall   meet   again   with   the   President,   Executive   Vice President, Treasurer and Staff Liaison to evaluate the fund-raisers conducted during the present year.


Education Vice President


The  duties  of  the  Education  Vice  President  shall  be  to  have  general  supervision  over  committees which  include,  but  are  not  limited  to  the  following:  Fifth  Grade  Docent  Program,  Music  Outreach Program, Tour Guides, Women’s Legislative Council, and Salt Lake Council of Women.


Youth Guild Vice President


The  duties  of  the  Youth  Guild  Vice  President  shall  be  to  have  general  supervision  over  the  activities  of the Youth Guild.


Recording Secretary


The  duties  of  the  Recording  Secretary  shall  be  to  keep  a  record  of  all  minutes  of  the  meetings  of  the Guild,  of  the  Governing  Board,  and  of  the  Executive  Committee.  The  Recording  Secretary  shall  send  a copy of the minutes of each meeting to the President within ten (10) days of such meeting.


Corresponding Secretary


The  duties  of  the  Corresponding  Secretary  shall  be  to  handle  all  correspondence  of  the  Guild,  as directed by the President. This includes sending notification of meetings to all persons involved. The Corresponding Secretary shall have supervision over the Guild Telephone Committee.




The  duties  of  the  Treasurer  shall  be  to  keep  a  complete  record  of  all  funds  collected  and  disbursed  by The  Utah  Symphony  Guild,  and  to  make  a  written  report  of  these  transactions  monthly  at  each Executive  Committee  and  Board  meeting.  The  Treasurer  is  to  give  copies  of  this  monthly  report  to  the President,  Executive  Vice  President,  Recording  Secretary,  Immediate  Past  President  and  the  Chief Financial  Officer  of  USUO.  The  Treasurer  shall  also  keep  a  running  record  of  the  amounts  of  money given  to  USUO  from  all  Guild  sources  throughout  the  year,  noting  these  amounts  on  each  monthly report.  August  31  of  each  fiscal  year,  the  Guild  books  are  closed,  and  a  year-end  financial  statement shall  be  prepared,  to  include  all  financial  information,  Bank  Statements,  and  Deposit  Receipts,  from September  1  of  the  previous  year  to  August  31.  This  will  coincide  with  the  fiscal  year  of  USUO.  All financial records of the Guild shall be audited yearly by the Chief Financial Officer of USUO.


Publicity Director


The  duties  of  the  Publicity  Director  include,  but  are  not  limited  to,  supervising  the  editing,  layout,  and production of the Guild’s media and program publicity. 




It  shall  be  the  duty  of  the  Parliamentarian  to  become  familiar  with  the  by-laws  of  the  Utah  Symphony Guild   and   to   attend   Executive   Committee   and   Governing   Board   meetings.   It   shall   also   be   the Parliamentarian’s  responsibility  to  be  a  member  of  the  Nominating  Committee  and  to  assemble  an up-to-date  list  each  year  of  those  members  who  are  eligible  to  be  nominated  to  hold  office  in  the Guild.


Committee Chairs


All  Chairs  will  present  plans  for  proposed  activities  to  their  corresponding  Vice  President  who  will,  in turn, present these plans to the Executive Committee for approval.


Article V – Membership and Dues


Guild Membership


Membership  dues  shall  be  determined  by  the  Executive  Committee.  Members  shall  have  all  the  rights and  privileges  of  full  membership  in  the  Utah  Symphony  Guild  and  may  be  called  on  to  assist  in  any of the activities of the Guild.


Youth Guild Membership


Membership  in  the  Utah  Symphony  Youth  Guild  shall  be  open  to  families  with  young  persons  8-18 years   of   age.   Dues   for   membership   in   the   Youth   Guild   are   recommended   by   the   Youth   Guild Committee and approved by the Guild Executive Committee.


Article VI – Elections


The  term  of  office  for  each  member  of  the  Executive  Committee  shall  be  two  (2)  years,  with  the exception  of  the  President,  the  Executive  Vice  President,  and  the  Immediate  Past  President  whose terms  of  office  shall  be  one  (1)  year.  Annual  elections  will  be  held  to  replace  those  members  of  the Executive  Committee  whose  terms  of  office  have  expired.  In  the  event  that  a  vacancy  occurs  in  the Presidency,  the  Executive  Vice  President  shall  become  President  to  fill  that  term  of  office  and  will,  in the  following  year,  be  eligible  to  fill  a  full  term  as  President.  If  the  board  member  has  filled  an unexpired  term,  the  board  member  will  be  eligible  to  fill  her/his  own  term  of  office  in  that  position. Board member may be elected or appointed to another office on the Executive Committee.


Nominating Committee


At   least   three   (3)   months   prior   to   the   year’s   final   Spring   meeting   of   the   Guild,   a   Nominating Committee  shall  be  assembled  by  the  Immediate  Past  President.  This  Committee,  whose  composition is  subject  to  approval  by  the  Executive  Committee,  shall  be  chaired  by  the  Immediate  Past  President, and  shall  consist  of  at  least  seven  (7)  voting  persons,  four  (4)  of  whom  shall  have  served  on  the  Guild Executive  Committee,  one  being  the  sitting  Executive  Vice  President.  The  sitting  President  and  the Parliamentarian   shall   be   members   ex   officio,   without   voting   rights.   It   shall   be   the   duty   of   this Committee  to  prepare  a  full  slate  of  candidates  for  the  vacated  Executive  Committee  positions,  to announce  the  candidates  to  the  Executive  Committee  at  its  March  meeting,  and  to  present  this  slate  to the  membership  at  the  general  meeting  or  in  the  Newsletter  preceding  the  year’s  final  meeting  of  the Guild.  If  nominations  are  made  from  the  floor,  the  nominees  must  have  given  prior  written  consent  to such nominations. The election takes place during the final general meeting.




Should  a  vacancy  arise  on  the  Executive  Committee,  with  the  exception  of  the  President,  a  temporary nominating  committee  is  assembled  consisting  of  two  (2)  Past  Presidents  and  the  sitting  President. The  replacement  candidate  chosen  by  the  committee  is  elected  to  office  by  a  majority  vote  in  the Executive Committee.


Article VII – Youth Guild Committee


The   Youth   Guild   Committee   exists   under,   and   shall   be   governed   by,   the   by-laws   of   the   Utah Symphony   Guild.   Its   purposes   are   the   same,   namely   to   promote   Utah   Symphony   educationally, financially,  and  socially.  Youth  Guild  membership  benefits  include,  but  are  not  limited  to,  tickets  to selected  concerts,  admittance  to  selected  rehearsals,  master  classes,  service  projects,  performance opportunities,  competition,  and  association  with  the  Utah  Symphony  members.    Membership  is  open to  Families,  regardless  of  whether  or  not  they  play  an  instrument.  Parents  and  guardians  may  be eligible  for  discount  tickets  to  accompany  their  children  to  the  aforementioned  concerts,  and  all  adult members  are  encouraged  to  serve  as  advisors  and  volunteers  for  the  various  activities.  Committee chairs  shall  be  appointed  by  the  Youth  Guild  Vice  President  as  necessary  for  the  operation  of  the Youth  Guild.  It  is  incumbent  upon  the  Secretary/Treasurer  of  the  Youth  Guild  to  present  written minutes  and  financial  summaries  at  each  organizational  meeting.  The  financial  records  of  the  Youth Guild  shall  be  submitted  to  the  Chief  Financial  Officer  of  USUO  at  the  end  of  each  fiscal  year  for  an informal audit.


Article VIII – Amendment of By-Laws


These  by-laws  may  be  amended  at  any  regular  meeting  of  the  Board  by  a  majority  vote  of  those present,   provided   written   notice   of   such   amendment   has   been   given   two   weeks   in   advance.   In accordance  with  Section  7.2  of  the  Amended  and  Restated  By-laws  of  Utah  Symphony  |  Utah  Opera, revisions  to  these  by-laws  shall  be  submitted  to  the  USUO  Board  of  Trustees  for  approval  prior  to adoption.  The  General  Membership  shall  be  informed  of  such  amendments  at  the  closing  meeting,  or through the Newsletter.


Amended: December 11, 1997

Amended: March 15, 2001

Amended: October 11, 2001

Amended: October 29, 2008

Amended:  May 5, 2010

Amended:  April 3, 2013