Member of Note

The “Member of Note” award is given annually to honor a Guild member who has given years of service to The Utah Symphony and to the Guild in assignments where there has been little public recognition. Devoted volunteers such as these are the backbone of our organization. Members who have received this award are:
1995  Cloy Kent 
1996 Betty Probst  
1997 Elizabeth Monson  
1998 Renee Christensen 
1999 Becky Sorensen 
2000 Lona Mae Lauritzen   
2001 Karen Campbell  
2002 Marcia Keen 
2003 Gloy Barwick 
2004 Jolyn Jonsson 
2005 Kris Follett 
2006 Barbara Patterson
2007 Fran Akimoto
2008 Mary Anne Hunter
2009 Heidrun Mandy 
2010 Bonnie White 
2011 Joan Smith
2012 Kari Landro
2013 Heather Benson
2014 Margaret Anderson
2015 Jean Barton
2016 Dan Johnson
2017 Maybell McCann
2018 John Neal Crossman