Because we believe great music can elevate the human spirit, the Purpose of the Guild is to foster, promote and facilitate the operation of the Utah Symphony Orchestra financially, socially and educationally.
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POLICIES 1.   The   President   and/or   Executive   Vice   President   may   attend   the   annual   meetings   of   one   national symphony   orchestra   support   organization;   e.g.   League   of   American   Orchestras   (LAO)   or   Association   of Major Symphony Orchestra Volunteers (AMSOV), at the expense of the Guild. 2.   Attendance   at   regional   meetings   of   such   support   organizations   is   encouraged,   but   shall   not   take   place at Guild expense. 3.   Only   the   President   and   Executive   Vice   President   may   have   their   memberships   in   AMSOV   paid   by   the Guild. 4. The Guild is not incorporated separately from The US|UO, even though we have our own by- laws and bank   accounts.   All   Guild   bank   accounts   carry   the   same   Federal   Tax   ID   number   and   we   use   the   same State   Sales   Tax   Exemption   Number   as   the   Orchestra,   and   the   Symphony   Director   of   Finance   files   all   tax reports.   The   Symphony   Office   also   carries   bonding   insurance   covering   the   Guild.   Therefore,   at   the request   of   the   Office,   it   is   the   policy   that   the   Guild’s   books   be   closed   each   year   on   August   31   to   coincide with the fiscal year of the Orchestra. 5.   The   Guild   has   a   yearly   donation,   which   is   set   each   year   by   agreement   between   the   Office   and   Guild leadership.   This   monetary   contribution   is   applied   to   the   Utah   Symphony   Guild   Orchestra’s   Annual Fund   as   par   t   of   its   operating   budget.   Any   other   type   of   donation   from   the   Guild   should   be   considered only   if   the   goal   has   been   met.   Just   prior   to   August   31   of   each   year,   the   President   should   meet   with   the Treasurer   and   Gift   Shop   Coordinator   to   determine   if   additional   funds   from   these   accounts   should   be donated   to   the   Orchestra,   while   ensuring   that   each   account   has   sufficient   funds   left   to   meet   up-coming needs. 6.   Corporations   and   businesses   shall   be   cleared   with   the   Development   Office   of   The   Utah   Symphony before   being   approached   with   requests   for   donations   to   the   Guild.   Honorary   Guild   Members   shall   be: Music    Director    Laureate    and    Spouse    Principal    Conductor    and    Spouse    Principal    Pops    conductor Associate Conductor and Spouse 7.   Gratitude   for   Services:The   President   and   Orchestra   Liaison   will   establish   a   fair   arrangement   when   a service    is    performed    by    a    member    of    The    Utah    Symphony.    Persons    outside    the    US|UO    will    be compensated per contract. 8.   Staff   and   Orchestra   members   and   partner   admission   fees:For   fund   raising   events,   such   as   the   annual Symphony   Event   or   benefit   recitals,   Staff   and   Orchestra   members   and   their   partners   may   be   admitted   at a   special   at-cost   fee,   which   will   vary.   For   regular   events   such   as   luncheon   meetings   and   the   annual   Guild Membership Event, the announced price of admission will apply to everyone. 9.   The   Corresponding   Secretary,   as   directed   by   the   President,   will   recognize   illness   and   death   of   Board members   and   their   families.   A   voluntary   contribution   by   those   consenting   and   present   may   be   collected for the Utah Symphony Guild Memorial. Death of a Past President will come from the Guild budget. 10. The Telephone Committee is in place to facilitate communications with the general membership. 11.    No    monetary    contributions    shall    be    made    to    organizations    other    than    The    Utah    Symphony. Exceptions    may    include    membership    fees    to    support    organizations    (e.g.,    LAO,    AMSOV,    Salt    Lake Council   of   Women,   and   Women’s   State   Legislative   Council)   and   must   be   approved   by   the   Executive Board. 12.   Robert’s   Rules   of   Order,   Revised   shall   be   the   parliamentarian   authority   governing   all   meetings   of   the Guild. Revised: June 29, 1998 Revised: March 15, 2001 Revised: October 11, 2001 Revised: October 29, 2008 Revised: August 4, 2010
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